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 Meet Dr. Mayer (pronounced MAY-er)

Specialist in Resolving Chronic Illness

Hello and Welcome!  I am a graduate of Bastyr University with a doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine.  I also have a nursing degree from West Texas A&M University.  Before becoming a Naturopathic Physician, I worked as a neonatal intensive care nurse and took care of the most fragile, premature babies.  I loved taking care of the babies, but after working nights for many years in that stressful environment, I decided I needed to pursue a different path.  I turned to naturopathic care for my own health issues and fell in love with the profession.  With the help of other naturopathic physicians, I was able to reverse many of my own health issues, including weight gain, allergies, gut issues, hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances, and fatigue.  Since I was able to heal myself naturally, I have been on a relentless search for the root cause of chronic illness.   I will be using many of the things that I have learned to help my patients reverse their chronic illnesses.  Whether you have fatigue, thyroid or hormone imbalances, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, an autoimmune disease, heart disease, or a neurological disorder, I can help you recover your health.    

Meet Dr. Mayer



Your extensive initial consultation with Dr. Mayer will set the foundation for your health restoration program. An initial visit includes a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and your relevant health history, followed by a physical exam, and a recommendation for diagnostic testing, and treatment.  It is helpful to bring any recent laboratory results that you may have. If you are already using nutritional supplements, please bring them with you to your first appointment. The initial visit is usually 90 minutes long.  

Follow Up

During a follow-up consultation, Dr. Mayer will review your progress with the current treatment plan as well as address any new concerns.  Follow-up consultations are usually 45 minutes long.  Please click on the Book Now link below to make an appointment through the Patient Portal. 


Free 15 minute Consultation

A 15 minute free consultation will help you to find out how Dr. Mayer can help you solve your health problems. You can ask any questions and decide whether you would like to setup an office visit. The free consultation is not intended for medical advice, to give you a  medical diagnosis, or to recommend a specific treatment program.  Please call the office to set up an appointment. 


Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Existing patients with a ChARM login and password, please access the patient portal by clicking on the button below:

Access the patient portal to view labs, patient documents, visit instructions, and confidential messaging to Dr. Mayer. If you don't have login information, please contact the office. 

Click on the link below for EASY ONLINE REFILLS:

If you can't get to the clinic for a refill, the online dispensary links you to Dr. Mayer's Wellevate store that carries many of the items that she has in stock in her office,  

For new patients, please call the office to make an appointment.                360-504-1000




Most insurance companies in Washington State are required to cover naturopathic medicine, though coverage benefits can vary from plan to plan.  If you think you may have naturopathic coverage on your health plan, it is best to consult your insurance company directly to inquire about such coverage.  If you have naturopathic coverage on your health insurance plan, you should be able to submit a claim yourself, for direct reimbursement to you in a timely manner.

Although we cannot bill any insurance from our office, as a courtesy to our patients, if requested, we will provide a printed “superbill” with each visit, which will serve as your receipt to send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement (at the rate set by your particular policy).

If you have an insurance that does not cover these services, use of a Health Savings Account (HSA) or flexible savings plan may cover this care.  

All payments for services at Mayer Naturopathic Clinic are due at the time of your appointment.  Cash and checks are preferred, but all major credits cards are accepted.  

Initial Consultation:  $295

Follow-Up Consultation: $160

Seniors (age 65 and older) Initial Consultation: $225

Seniors (age 65 and older) Follow-Up Consultation: $130

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment is very important to us.  Please realize that Dr. Mayer has made a commitment to you to guarantee your appointment and has turned away all other requests for that time.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please be kind enough to do so at least 24 hours in advance.  More notice is appreciated whenever possible to accommodate other clients who may be waiting for an appointment.  Please note that it is Dr. Mayer's policy to charge a $75.00 fee for last-minute cancellations and missed appointments.

Non-Toxic Policy

We are a chemical-free facility and use only non-toxic products. Due to the sensitivity and allergies of some of our clients, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or scented products when visiting our facility. 

Because of the effects of chemicals on our environment and on our health, we have chosen to maintain our facility using only non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaners.  Some of our clients are extremely sensitive to chemicals.  For your own health and for the enjoyment of all our guests, please refrain from using commercial perfumes, colognes, and scented personal care products.  If you are a person who is sensitive even to pure  essential oils, please advise us when booking your appointment.

I do not submit or accept payment from medical insurance companies

Thanks! Message sent.

Contact Info

Address              Hours  M-F 9-5


Located inside ProActive Center for Health                        14751 N. Kelsey Street, Suite 110, Monroe, WA

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